Claw celebrates our community and we cherish the time we have with one another through creative cosplay, festivities, and merrymaking. We have formed a family and watched families come together and grow. We honor those that have blessed us with being a part of our lives and remember their spirit for years to come.
Claw Sigil
A sigil of order, community, and protection.

Our Approach

The purpose of Claw is to create a welcoming and safe environment where individuals of all walks of life may come and enjoy renaissance festivals. Our mission is to promote and support renaissance festivals, vendors, performers, and participants. The core goal of our group is continuing the development of our camp and community through respect, honor, and services.

Our Story

In the late evening around the era of 1996, three friends sat around a campfire sharing stories, drinks, and laughter. They had long since heard the tells of bands of merrymakers that had come together to form groups. One such group was known simply as Chaos. Out of a joke made in jest to the 1970’s sitcom Get Smart, the three decided that a proper name for an opposing group should naturally be “CLAW.” Of course, there was no opposition, just simply humor.  However, the joke grew in the founders’ minds and within days they developed the Claw sigil, Claw Code, and a group was formed. Over the years, the humor has remained; however, deep respect for Claw developed throughout the renaissance faire circles for their ever vigilant support for renaissance faires, vendors, performers, and participants. 


The leadership of Claw is known as the High Council. The High Council provides the final word on matters that require mediation. There are three members of the High Council to ensure that when matters are put to a vote there are no stalemates. The goal of the High Council is to remove matters that trouble the Claw from the burdens of the members. Matters are dealt with swiftly and without prejudice. High Council members may sponsor two Clawdettes each calendar year.

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Kraegan Blue Dragon

High Council

Stern and just, Kraegan’s dedication to the Claw is unmatched. He has sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears to see that the will of The Claw and the code is clear. Though at times unbending, this benevolent leader will lean on a strong skill of diplomacy and shrewd negotiation to ensure the welfare of Claw and its members.


High Council

Bringer of balance to the rulings of Claw and guidance through gentle wit. Though, do not take his demeanor for granted. Vulture is a fierce defender of family and Claw. Cross either and one may find the only mediator between you and he is a sharp ax.

Hyle – Shepherd of the NWOTR

High Council

The voice of reason, this Nordic giant reins over the camp of Sherwood Forest Faire and helps anyone that asks. Hyle is kind, jolly, and possesses a charisma matched by no man, woman, nor beast. He’s a mediator of clans and keeper of the laws of a new generator to be recited by the will of the King. (Nope, that was not meant to say generation.)