Honor is Heritage
Give it Freely

Claw are bound by their code.
To many, medieval life was a way of the past.
For Claw, it is their honor and it is their heritage.

Claw Code

A guide to life and an oath of Claw.
Honor, respect, loyalty, and valor.
Our code represents us as we represent our code.

Member Enrollment

Membership requirements, eligibility, and guidelines. Claw does not discriminate; however, we are selective in whom we allow to join our ranks.

General Wares

Get exclusive Claw merchandise here. Claw gear in this area are for anyone and everyone. Though, members exclusive items are available only in the member's shop.

What is Claw

Throughout the world groups of like-minded individuals gather to enjoy the events and experiences they love. During the Renaissance, one would have found vast and diverse characters from the colorful to the mundane. In today's society of renaissance festivals, those characters come to life among the practitioners and patrons that delve deep into the lifestyle.


From this collection of characters, friendships are forged, groups are formed and legions are made. Whatever your whim may be. There are pirate groups, Viking camps, Celtic clans and others words have yet to describe.

Then there is "Claw." A legion forged in honor for and sworn to protect the code more than two decades ago  Claw members know one another and work together to build a community that laughs, sings, plays, fights, and cries together. They honor one another and those that have passed that build the spirit of our clan.


What is Claw?

We are Claw. Welcome. Come and sit and talk with us. Perhaps you might find earn the honor of joining the family that we continue to build.


Claw Window Decal

4″ Window Decal. White indoor/outdoor vinyl.

Claw High Council

Claw is led by three who have the responsibility for guiding the direction and serving as the decisive council to resolve conflict. Each are able to appoint their own heir apparent.
Kraegan Blue Dragon

Kraegan Blue Dragon

High Council - Founder

Kraegan is boisterous and benevolent with the heart of a dragon and a temper to match. Diplomatic when fitting and will defend our clan and it’s code.



High Council - Founder

The even tempered diplomat. A protector of the code and trusted friend of all.



High Council

The gentile giant and keeper of the code. Hyle reigns over the Claw lands of Sherwood Forest.

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