Becoming a Member


How to Join

The Claw govern their actions by a code of honor derived from the days of the roundtable.

Membership Stipulations

  • NO Mundanes - Normal everyday dress. If you don't have garb contact a member of the Claw and we will help get you into something. This isn't to say that you will not see Claw members in mundane clothes. Weather permitting we will be in garb.
  • NO Mandanes - Almost there, but not quite. You can usually point these people out by the Britney Spears T-Shirt, sneakers and claymore sword strung to there back.
  • NO Renaissance Trekkies - This includes Star Wars costumes. Wrong convention, try again! Yes, it's enforced. However, one of the major benefits of The Claw, If you don't like it you don't have to be a part of it.

The Claw's Grasp

Being Claw make us a family. Brothers and sisters who were brought together by the common love for fair. You will find us together in camps at faires. (More than likely in the pub) singing, dancing and sometimes crying. But we will be as one and welcome you to join our merriment.


Induction ceremonies are held three times a year when necessary. Clawdettes (prospects) who meet the requirements of membership are welcomed into the group by the members.  All that is required is to become Claw is to prove a strong and loyal obligation to the clan through ones actions and deeds. Every member of the group monitors Clawdettes through the year. To be a member one must exhibit service and respect to the group without expectation of merit or reward.


Clawdettes are Claw Prospects performing an annual obligation to their sponsor and their group. Our Clawdettes are not treated as servants. However, they are monitored and judged closely for their actions. Not ever Clawdett becomes Claw.  However, depending on the severity of their effects on the group's second chances are available to those that choose to try again.

Threotine Council Duties

The Threotine Council is the gate to The Claw. They are the keepers of the code and teachers of the ways. They are mentors to the paths of honor, chivalry, and pride. Each one has been chosen by the High Council for their outstanding displays of conduct in Claw and their honor of the code.

  • Wear the amulet of the council at all events
  • Sponsor individuals they deem worthy of The Claw
  • Monitor prospects for one year and report to the High Council their findings
  • Plead their squires right to be Claw
  • Approve or deny access to the claw before submitting to the High Council
  • Stand alongside their squire at induction
  • Report all disobedience to the High Council
  • Only the Threotine or the High Council will have the rights to squire for The Claw

The Claw members are inducted regularly without prejudice to race, religion or culture. If you would like to become a member of the Claw contact a Threontine member. There are only a few stipulations and absolutely no mundanes, mandanes or Renaissance Trekkies (including Star Wars).


Thank you for showing your support for the Claw. Pre-sales are now underway for all garments items. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production and delivery. Dismiss