The Threontine Council are the gatekeepers of Claw. They are comprised of 13 members set with the task of being ambassadors of Claw and seeking out worthy prospects to which we refer to as Clawdettes. Threontine are chosen by the High Council of Claw. The role is an honor and may be reassigned at will.

Threontine evaluates their Clawdette for the term of one year. At the conclusion, it is of the Threonine’s sole discretion to determine if the Clawdette is promoted to member.

Threontine Council of Claw

  1. Strychten (Dennis Brak Clark)
  2. Chameleon (David Shaheen)
  3. Evilone (Missy Evilone)
  4. Wilma Woodchuck
  5. Vibeke (Vibeke Clark)
  6. Tony Goodman
  7. Slash (Charlie Tamez Jr.)
  8. Storm (Linda Tharp)
  9. Kindle (Suzanne Hall)
  10. Akt (Derek Shotwell)
  11. Bear (Dale Maness)
  12. Vamptasia (RL Rainer)
  13. Savol (Richie Pawson)

Prerequisites of A Threontine Council Member

  • Be outgoing and dedicated to Claw.
  • A positive attitude about improving Claw.
  • Camps In Claw at least 4 weekends each faire.
  • Be a good judge in character.
  • Can easily address situations when the judgment of character is faulty.

What is Require of Threontine

A Threontine council member is a gatekeeper and ambassador. Their role is to seek out potential members and introduce them to the group. If that person is suitable, the Threontine will offer to sponsor that person. A Threontine does not need permission to sponsor someone. The Claw trusts that the best interest of the group is always a priority of the Threontine. The Threontine are occasionally included on important matters that may require a larger group decision; however, that instance is very rare. Threontine is able to sponsor one Clawdette each calendar year.