Claw Sigil

Claw has camped at TRF since 1996 and has gained the trust and respect of fellow clans for being a fun, supportive, and strong clan. As any well-established clans, it protects its territory and looks out for its neighbors. When we’re not in faire you will generally find us there drinking, laughing, and participating in various shenanigans.

Claw Camp Environment

Claw camps are adult-oriented and comprised of individuals and families that are either member or guest of Claw. The environment is lively, fun-loving, loud, and boisterous. Some may find it lewd or a bit crude. For those that are easily offended, we suggest considering quiet family camping. This is why our membership is restricted to age 18 years-of-age and older.

Children of Claw are expected to be monitored by their parent or guardian and safely tucked away in bed come sunset away from the primary gathering area of the Claw camp. Unmonitored children will be given vast amounts of pixie sticks, energy drinks, and a puppy and sent back to their camp.

This is not to say that Claw does not like children. We love children and will protect them to our dying day. That said, there are a time and a place. For this, we hold Claw family-oriented events where children’s entertainment is the primary focus. Just be aware, Claw camp is not necessarily that place and it is the responsibility of the parent to make the parental judgment for what is appropriate for their children, not Claw.