How long has Claw been a clan?

Claw was established around 1996’ish. It’s been a very long time.

Does Claw have an established clan site at Sherwood Forest Faire?

Yes, for members and invited guest only. Map coming soon.

Does Claw have an established clan site at Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF)?

Yes, for members and invited guest only. At row one of patron’s camping where we’ve camped in the general vicinity for over 20 years. As of May of 2019, TRF has formally recognized that area as Claw Clan camping and designated the area for the use of Claw and our guests. Map coming soon.

What is required of Claw members?

Claw members are natural providers in the community. They aren’t asked of much but expected to contribute selflessly. We do ask that members abide by and follow the Claw Code. Above all, we require Claw members to support one another. This includes in a time of need and in a time of tough love. In Claw, we may not always like one another but we do have to respect one another.

How do I become a member?

First and foremost, applicants must spend time with our group. Those that do and make a favorable impression are often approached by a member of a group to ask if they are interested in becoming a member. Then they are introduced to a member. If the stars align applicants are accepted as Clawdettes (Prospects). 

Membership is granted to those prospects that are 18 and older.  Children of members are considered Claw family and are granted full membership upon their 18th birthday.

What is expected of Clawdettes?

Clawdettes are prospects and are under the scrutiny of every member of the group to determine if they are a proper fit for Claw. We do not haze or subject our prospects to an undue and unnecessary task, however, we do have a higher expectation of their performance in the group. By being active and supportive in Claw, Clawdettes learn the ways of our group and gain an appreciation for the honor of being accepted as a member of Claw. Clawdettes should carry a copy of the Claw Code on their person at all times.

How long do Clawdettes remain prospects?

If all goes well, a Clawdette’s probationary period lasts one year from the time of inception. Each Clawdette has one person in charge of them and that is their Threontine Council member who will monitor the Clawdette’s actions and communicates with the members of Claw throughout the duration of their evaluation. Should the council member have any reservation of promoting the Clawdette to membership status it is in their full power to deny membership or propose probationary terms. 

What if I choose to leave Claw?

Being a member is an honor and a privilege. It’s also a choice. One decides to become Claw and one may decide to leave Claw either by choice or by deed.

What deeds would get someone expelled from Claw?

Expulsion can occur upon violation of one’s person or belongings (aka theft or assault of any person), grave disrespect for a fellow member, or bringing dishonor upon the Claw such as, but not limited to, causing law enforcement to be called to one of our gatherings due to inability to maintain one’s composure or character. 

Have members been expelled from Claw?

Yes. On the occasion that an expelled member makes the proper amends for their deeds, they have been accepted back without prejudice. 

Does Claw do more than faires?

Yes, we gather regularly throughout the year. Contact one of our members to find out more.

How do Groups Like Claw Form

For over 40 years the campgrounds like TRF have been a very communal place where masses of people have naturally united to form clans. We’ve learned to exist together and work with one another to develop a safe and organized environment for our clans as well as those that are new to the campground. 

Clans help us establish boundaries to eliminate unintentionally or willing conflict. No one clan has authority over the campground or another clan. 

Each clan is responsible for the confines of their own camp. They say what stays and what goes. Beyond those boundaries, they are nothing more but a guest of other camps. All of the clans look out for the safety and security of the campground as a whole and work with law enforcement to ensure it is a safe environment for all to come. 

Every camp is entitled to their own style and that’s what adds interest and color to the campground.