Our Code

Claw live by these guidelines which protect our club and our lives. We look for these qualities in those that we accept as members. Members honor and protect our code as the bylaws that make us one. Through this code of honor, we grow.

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Membership Information

Claw is a private group established in 2002. It is our mission is to promote renaissance faires, craftsman, and entertainers. As our membership grow we take care to ensure that the code for which we live is kept true. Within these pages, we explain the path to membership and the expectations that come with being a member.

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Club Structure

Claw developed through a vision to establish a fair but strong club. The basis of our hierarchy is simple, no vote. Meaning our members are free to remain members and take part in club events; however, decisions passed down by the High Council or final. In the event of unrest, the will of The Barron commands all. Three

Three members serve as the Claw’s High Council. The role of the High Council is to establish order and direct the club. Additionally, High Council members are authorized to sponsor two prospects per year. Thirteen members hold an honored role as gatekeepers of Claw and are given the authorization to sponsor prospects into our ranks. These thirteen are known as the Threontine Council. Prospects are known as Clawdettes. Prospects that meet the group requirements and accepted join the ranks of established members of Claw.

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