How do I become a member?

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Membership is limited. There are three inductions a year. A maximum of 19 people may be inducted in a 12 month period, not including honorary members. To become a member you must find a Threontin Council sponsor and serve as a Clawdette for 12 months. The easiest way to find a sponsor is come to our events and be present, helpful, and outgoing. You may also register on the site to notify the group that you are interested in becoming a member.

Click on Becoming a Member/Register.  Remember, filling out a form online alone is not enough to become a member. You must participate and be an active contributor to Claw to be recognized and given the chance to become a member.




I am Kraegan a founding member of Claw. I enjoy time with friends and fairs. My character is is that of a brash barbarian.

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